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Natural Body Products

At Egyptian Goddess LLC, I provide essential, handmade, organic and luxury items. Whether you need to top-up your body scrub collection or you fancy levelling up to a new body butter, you can send me a message on the form below.

More Than Just Beauty Products

My customer service is predicated on supplying excellent quality beauty products at the best possible price. I have been able to sustain excellent customer relationships by ensuring that I supply precisely what my customers want, either with my normal stock or through special orders. I also have encourage customers to air their feedback and assure them that even the tiniest of problems will be ironed out. And, of course, I also give great ad... Read more

What My Customers Say

I am lucky enough to have received many good reviews from my customers, which has undoubtedly played a part in the company's ability and drive to increase service quality day after day. Because I enjoy very good relationships with many of my loyal clients, I'm excited to take their feedback and make the store even better.


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All products
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